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Do you accept Cameras if they are broken or have missing parts?

Yes we still accept these Cameras under our broken price. Cameras do however must be complete with no missing parts.

Is it free to send my Camera to you?

Yes, please select either the print your own label or request trade-in pack option upon checkout.

What happens if you receive a Camera and it's not as described?

We reserve the right to revise the amount paid for the Camera, which will take into account the actual condition. The seller will be notified of the revised price and the reason for the revision, by email and in their my account section of our website. The seller will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. Declined offer items are returned to the seller.

What do you do with my Camera once you receive it?

All Cameras are cleaned and tested with all data being removed. Cameras are then either re-introduced into the market, or refurbished by our team where they are then re-sold. This extends the life of the Camera and is great for the environment.